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Our Mission is to bring confidence back to all Traders who trade (Stocks, Futures, Forex and Cryptocurrency) and to help guide them on the right path. Wave Tech, LLC has coded Indicators that will help with the most precise entries.  

WaveTech Exhaustion Indicator

The Exhaustion Indicator has been coded with different timeframes to show the possible breaking point in the market. You can utilize this indicator with Stocks, Forex and Crypto to get your highest probability entries.

WaveTech Alerts

The WaveTech Alerts are pulled from our WaveTech Indicators to show potential Buys or Sells in the Forex and Crypto Markets. WaveTech will be incorporating Stocks in the near future.

Example of alerts: Forex Alert on GBPUSD. 30m — Look For Potential Buy or Sell–

WaveTech Current Indicator

The Current Indicator is a money management tool to enter and exit trades.  The Current Indicator will flip from Green to Red to help you with you decision.

WaveTechFx Criteria

WaveTechFx has a certain set of rules before entering a trade:


Enter on engulfing candle and or close below small MA (SMA)


Enter on candle close below SMA minute with a “flip”. (SMA turns from green to red for a sell / red to green for a buy)


A+B+ SMA crosses big MA (BMA) At that point, the BMA should also have flipped in color. This is another strong confirmation for the trend continuation in your desired timeframe in which you are trading.


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Wave Tech

Indicators & Alerts

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We utilize JAFX, FxChoice and FOREX.com brokers at this time.